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Merchandise and Pictures of Rat Fink & More




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50 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - $15 click to see picture.

50 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - more pix click to see picture.

50 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - more pix click to see picture.

50 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - more pix click to see picture.

50 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - more pix click to see picture.

50 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - more pix click to see picture.

72 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - $20 click to see picture.

72 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - More Pix click to see picture.

72 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - More Pix click to see picture.

72 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - More Pix click to see picture.

72 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - More Pix click to see picture.

72 Card Big Daddy Roth Set - More Pix click to see picture.

POSTERS - 6.5" X 8.25"

All 6.5" X 8.25" mini Poster are $5 Each

100% Ford '65 Falcon - click to see picture.

'55 Chevy (Rat Fink with Bel Air) click to see picture.

Any Questions? click to see picture.

Army Infantry click to see picture.

Beatnik Bandit II (Ed Big Daddy Roth circa 1995) click to see picture.

Beyond Nuts And a Little Past Crazy (1957 Chevy Bel Air) click to see picture.

Boss Mustang'68 or '69 Fastback Mustang- click to see picture.

Chevy Lovers of Americafeatures a '65 Chevelle- click to see picture.

Cruisin' Main Street (Rat Fink with 1962-1965 Nova) click to see picture.

Dead Heads click to see picture.

Death Before Dishonor click to see picture.

Do You Understand? (Rat Fink on Motorcycle) click to see picture.

Ed Big Daddy Roth Show Cars Mini Poster click to see picture.

Ford Eating Chevy '32 5 Window Ford click to see picture.

Ford's Bad Boys 3 Window '32 Ford! click to see picture.

Hag Breath click to see picture.

Hag Riders Inc. click to see picture.

Head Rat (Classic Rat Fink Head Shot with Red Background) click to see picture.

Here Kitty Kitty (Rat Fink With Machine Gun) click to see picture.

I Like the Rat! click to see picture.

Junk Yard Kid click to see picture.

Lover BoyFord Fairlane! click to see picture.

Manti City Limits click to see picture.

Mom's Monster click to see picture.

Monster Biker click to see picture.

Monster With Hammer click to see picture.

MOPAR King of the Hemis click to see picture.

MOPAR Rips1970 Cuda! click to see picture.

Mr. Gasser (Chevy Bel Air) click to see picture.

Old Ratfinks Never Die...They Just Blaze Away click to see picture.

Once A Fink...Always a Fink 1949 or 1950 Ford Woodie... click to see picture.

Rat Fink-Classic with Yellow Background (Purple Passion Rat Fink) click to see picture.

Rat Fink with Eye click to see picture.

Rat Fink Red Hot Rod Anglia to see picture.

Rat Fink Yellow 1960 Nash Metropolitan click to see picture.

Roth's World Tour click to see picture.

Sidewalk Surfin' click to see picture.

Slam It, Hammer It, Cruise It! click to see picture.

Street Racer click to see picture.

Street Racers'66 or '67 Chevy II click to see picture.

Surf Fink click to see picture.

Surfs Up (Rat Fink on Surf Board) click to see picture.

Willys For Winners click to see picture.

POSTERS - 11" X 14"

All 11" X 14" Posters are $10 Each

Get Out of My Garage click to see picture.

Here Kitty Kitty (Rat Fink With Machine Gun) click to see picture.

How Big Is the Garage?Featuring a 1949 - 1952 Chevy click to see picture.

Jokers Wild...And Hot WOW - a Hudson Truck! click to see picture.

More I Learn About Women...The More I Like My Car'56 Chevy Bel Air! click to see picture.

Mother's Worry click to see picture.

Cruisin' Chevy Featuring a 1959 or 1960 El Camino click to see picture.

Race? click to see picture.

Rat Fink - Classic Style White Background click to see picture.
Mighty Mustang - features a '67 Mustang - picture coming soon

Ratfink Racing Team click to see picture featuring a Woodie

Too Mean To Live-Too Young To Die-SPEED POWER CHROMECheck out the Ranchero! click to see picture.

Wild Child Featuring a '66 or '67 GTO. click to see picture.

POSTERS - 10.75" X 15"

Ed Big Daddy Roth Show Cars click to see picture.

All Posters above are shipped inside a top loading plastic protector so that you will receive posters in mint condition.

POSTERS - 20" X 28"

Ed Big Daddy Roth BAD NEWS click to see picture.

Flaming Hair Mach 2 Corvette click to see picture.

The large 20" X 28" posters are shipped in a poster tube so that you will receive in mint condition - poster is rolled - never folded! These posters are fully licensed from the Ed Roth estate. These are overstock from when Big Daddy was on tour in the last years of his life. Basically these are the items he had for sale at his table at the shows around the country, and he would sign them for you. Unfortunately he is Gone Daddy Gone, so no autographs are available from me, but you may try ebay.


Shirts are all 100% cotton

All shirts are $19 - this price INCLUDES shipping - please add $2 for XXL

Most shirts that you see here are going to have the graphix on the back and a small Rat Fink on the front

Big Daddy Rules shirt see picture - graphix are on the front

2006 Detroit Show Shirt see picture - graphix are on the front

Ed Roth Logo see picture - graphix are on the back - front has small Rat Fink

Forget the House - How Big is the Garage? shirt see picture - graphix are on the back - Classic R.F. is on the front

Forget the House - How Big is the Garage? NEW COLOR STYLE shirt see picture - graphix are on the back - Classic R.F. is on the front - same shirt as the 1 above - just different colors

Good Rats Shirt see picture - Kids Shirt - graphix on the front

Gun Control - Here Kitty, Kitty! see picture - close up of the back of shirt - the front has the small Rat Fink

I Eat Sleep & Drink Hot Rods see picture - close up of the back of shirt - the front has the small Rat Fink

If I Gotta Explain..... see picture - close up of the back of shirt - the front has the small Rat Fink

Junk Yard Kid Shirt see picture - close up of the back of shirt - the front has the small Rat Fink

Mothers Worry Shirt see picture - small R. F. on the front - Mothers Worry graphix on the back

Mothers Worry Shirt see picture - close up of the back of Mothers Worry shirt

Mothers Worry NEW COLOR Shirt see picture - same graphix as Mothers Worry shirt- but DIFFERENT colors

Old RatFinks Never Die.... Graphix are on the back - front has small RF

Race? see picture -Adult size has small RF on front - this is also available in childrens sizes - kids sizes on front only

Rat Fink Choppers Black shirt see picture - this R.F. is on the back - Rat Fink Choppers logo is on the front

Rat Fink Classic Black shirt FRONT see picture - this R.F. is on the Front of the above shirt - Rat Fink Choppers logo

Rat Fink Classic Shirtsee picture - Classic R. F. on front of shirt

Rat Fink Classic Black and White Shirtsee picture - Classic R. F. on front of shirt - this shirt available in both kids and adult sizes

Rat Fink Classic Charcoal Shirt see picture - this shirt is a nice grey (charcoal) and the R.F. is on the front. Please note this shirt is $24. Please add $2 for XXL

Rat Fink Classic Goldenrod Shirt see picture - this shirt is a nice yellowish (goldenrod) and the R.F. is on the front. Please note this shirt is $24. Please add $2 for XXL

Rat Fink Classic Sage Shirt see picture - this shirt is a nice greenish color and the R.F. is on the front. Please note this shirt is $24. Please add $2 for XXL

Rat Fink Classic Black shirt see picture - this R.F. is on the back - Rat Fink Choppers logo is on the front

Rat Fink Classic Black shirt FRONT see picture - this R.F. is on the Front of the above shirt - Rat Fink Choppers logo

Rat Fink on Chopper "SHOWTIME" shirt see picture - this R.F. is on the back - Classic R.F. is on the front

Rat Fink on Chopper "SHOWTIME" shirt- FRONT see picture - this is the front of the Showtime shirt

Rat Fink Eyes in Maltese Cross Shirt see picture - graphix are on the front

Rat Fink Racing Team- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt - front has small Rat Fink

Remember When Sex Was Safe and Hot Rods Were Dangerous?- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt - Front has small Rat Fink

Slam It Hammer It- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt - Front has small Rat Fink

Speed Fink- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt

Tales of the Rat Fink- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt

Think Fast- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt - small Rat Fink on front

Thou Shalt Drag- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt - small Rat Fink on front

Wild Child- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the back of this shirt - classic small Rat Fink is on the front

Wild Gals Demand Wild Rides- click to see picture. - Graphix are on the front of this shirt - this is a fitted Womens Shirt - Price is $22

Designer Shirts

Go Surfin - available in long sleeve $30 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Ed Roth logo is on back -

V8 Beach Menace - available in long sleeve $30 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Ed Roth logo is on back -

V8 Beach Rat - available in long sleeve $30 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Ed Roth logo is on back -please note that the long sleeve comes in grey - NOT red as pictured

Ford Hauler - available in long sleeve $24 or Short sleeve $20 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Fink logo is on back -

Ford is Best Idea - available in long sleeve $24 or Short sleeve $20 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Fink logo is on back -

Cobra Mustang - available in long sleeve $24 or Short sleeve $20 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Fink logo is on back -

Stripe Skull (w/ R.F. top hat) - available in long sleeve $28 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Roth logo is on back shoulder -

Finked Up - available in Hoodie $42 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and R.F. logo is on back -

Pin Stripe Ed Roth Logo - available in long sleeve Thermal $40 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and R.F. logo is on back -

Genuine Rat Fink Parts - available in long sleeve (t shirt/thermal combo) $35 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Fink logo is on back -

Blown Skull - available in long sleeve Hoodie $45 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Fink logo is on back on the shirt - the opposite for the hoodie -

Powered By Fink - available in long sleeve $25 or Short sleeve $20 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Fink logo is on back -

Rat Fink Stew - available in long sleeve $30 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Ed Roth logo is on back -

Rat Fink Crest (RF is Foil Print- NICE!)- available in long sleeve $30, Thermal $42, or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Ed Roth logo is on back -

Rat Fink Stencil - available in Hoodie $48, long sleeve $28 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Finklogo is on back -please note the opposite is on the hoodie -

Rat Rodder - available in hoodie $46, long sleeve $25 or Short sleeve $20 - see picture - graphix are on the back and Rat Fink logo is on front -

Anti Detroit - available in Thermal $42, long sleeve $30 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Rat Fink logo is on back -

Street Race - available in Thermal $42, long sleeve $30 or Short sleeve $25 - see picture - graphix are on the front and Ed Roth logo is on back -


4 different styles of high end outer wear! see picture - graphix are on the front and back - please note the blazer has the Fink Stew inside - nothing on the outside

OTHER Shirts

Kustom Kulture Kustom Kulture graphix on back - Motorcult graphix on front -

Lead SLed Orange Kids shirt -

Lead SLed Orange Kids shirt - close up of graphix -

Model A Truck see picture - this is a Pink Kids shirt - graphix are on the front -

Model A Truck see picture - this is a Red Kids shirt - graphix are on the front -

Model A Truck close up of the graphix -

Model A Truck close up of the graphix on the adult shirt - shirt is black -

Murdercycle see picture -this design is on front only

Palm Aid see picture -this design is on front only

Skull Rod 13 - by Vince Ray see picture - Vince Ray logo graphix are on the front -

Skull Rod 13 - by Vince Ray see picture - these graphix are on the back - NICE! -

Throttled see picture - graphix are on the back -Vince Ray logo is on front

Triumph Terror - available in kids sizes OR adult- see picture - graphix are on the front -

Triumph Terror - see picture -close up of graphix


Classic Ratfink Patch - about 4 inches tall click to see picture

Ed Big Daddy Roth Logo Pin - about 1.5 inches wide click to see picture

Classic Ratfink Pin - about 1.5 inches tall click to see picture


Rat Fink Antenna Topper click to see picture - about 4.5 inches long and 2.5 inches tall

Rat Fink Antenna Topper 2nd Image click to see picture

Flying Flaming EYEBALL Antenna Topper This is about 6.5 inches long with the flames- click to see picture


Rat Fink - The Art of Ed Big Daddy Roth This is about 11 inches X 8.5 inches & 220 pages - click to see picture

Rat Fink - The Art of Ed Big Daddy Roth book chapters include - car designs, brother rat fink, monster art, collecting Roth merchandise, pinstriping and sign painting, airbrushing, decals, model kits, shirt designs, surfing and skateboarding, prints and posters, felt pen illistrations, and toys and other merchandise- click to see picture

Rat Fink - The Art of Ed Big Daddy Roth normal retail price is $29.95 for this softcover book - our price is $25- click to see picture

Rat Fink - The Art of Ed Big Daddy Roth more pix-click to see picture


Race? click to see picture

Junk Yard Kid click to see picture

Get Out of My Garage! click to see picture

55 Chevy click to see picture

Mother's Worry click to see picture

Rat Fink Racing Team click to see picture

Beyond NutsClick here to see the picture

Camaros click to see picture

Fords Kick Butt click to see picture

Forget the House! How Big is the Garage!? click to see picture

Mopar Rips click to see picture

The More I Learn About Women... click to see picture

Nova click to see picture

Once A Fink... click to see picture

Rat-A-Tude click to see picture

Remember When....? click to see picture

Mighty Mustang click to see picture

Revenge click to see picture

Wild Child click to see picture

Classic Color Rat Fink click to see picture

Classic B & W Rat Fink click to see picture

each decal is about 2 and 7/8" X 3 and 7/8"

Large Decals - Each is about 5 inches tall

Classic Color Rat Fink click to see picture

Purple Passion Rat Fink click to see picture

Classic B & W Rat Fink click to see picture

Hot Rod Related Movies on DVD or VHS

Prices shown INCLUDE shipping costs via priority mail

43 The Petty Story $18(1974 - Entertaining movie featuring Darren McGavin as Lee Petty - also features some vintage Nascar racing as well as Richard Petty himself! This movie is also known as Smash Up Alley)

Aloha Bobby & Rose $20 (1975 - A young garage mechanic (Bobby) and fast food hostess (Rose) meet and quickly fall in love. While out on a date one night, Bobby "fakes" holding up a convenience store. The prank goes horribly wrong, resulting in the death of a young shop keeper. The couple are now on the run from the law and themselves.)

American Challenge/Riverside Grand Prix $20 (vintage racing from late 60s - 2 races featuring the Chaparral 2D - NICE stuff) American Graffiti $20 (The ultimate classic movie - if you dont have this in your library - your library is NOT complete)

American Graffiti/More American Graffiti Double DVD Set $24 (2 DVD set that features BOTH the classic and the not so classic sequel)

American Nitro $18(1979 - features classic drag racing footage from the late 70's)

Angels Hard As They Come $12 (1971 biker flick featuring Scott Glen and Gary Busey)

Angel Unchained $18 (1970 yet another biker movie about a biker who joins a commune of hippies near a small town. When the town rednecks attack them, Angel calls up some of his bad biker buddies to exact revenge. Features a young Tyne Daley)

Back to the Beach - (1987 Frankie and Annette revamp the old formula one last time - only this time they have kids!)

Bad Georgia Road $18

Barris Kustoms of the 50's $12 (this is a great in depth interview with George as he explains how he and his brother Sam pioneered kustomizing in the early days. Includes pictures and historical footage of famous kustoms like the Hirohata Merc, the Matranga Merc, the Ala Kart,the Emporer, the El Capitola, the Kopper Kart, and many others!! Includes interviews with Nick Matranga, Junior Conway, Jack Stewart, Bill Hines and Larry Watson. - 1 Hour)

Barris Star Cars of the 50's and 60's (Another documentary hosted by George Barris but this one focuses on the many cars that were created for Hollywood TV and Movies -Also included are interviews with Adam West and Butch Patrick as they explain how they worked with George and the famous cars he created and rare never seen before film footage from the Barris vault and many never seen before pictures taken by George himself- 1 hour)

Beach Ball $18 (1965 Frankie and Annette RIP Off - but features the Supremes singing at the hot rod show!)

Beach Blanket Bingo $20 (this is a double sided 2 movie set - also has How To Stuff A Wild Bikini)

The Big Wheel $18(starring Mickey Rooney -this is part of a 3 movie set - you will also get Hot Rod Girl and Fast and the Furious (starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone this is NOT the 2001 movie )

Bobbi Jo and the Outlaw $18 (Uncut Lynda Carter movie - features great Mustang chase sequence)

Born To Run $18 (1993 Richard Grieco movie that featured the Mustang with the devil head hanging from the rear view mirror)

Bullitt - 2 disc Special Edition $22 (another movie that is a MUST have...features the now classic car chase-1 of the screen's all-time best. This 2 dvd set features commentary by director peter Yates, theatrical trailer and the 2nd DVD has 2 feature length documentaries: Steve McQueen The Essence of Cool & The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing

Bullitt - Single DVD that feature the movie ONLY -$15

Burnout $18(1979 Drag Racing movie starring Mark Scneider - Cameo appearances by Don Garlits, Marvin Graham, Gary Beck, Shirley Muldowny, Don Prudhomme, Raymond Beadle and Tony Nancy. Robert Louden and John Zenda also appear.)

Convoy $20 (1978-Truckers form a mile long "convoy" in support of a trucker's vendetta with an abusive sheriff...Based on the country song of same title by C.W. McCall. Starring Kris Kristofferson and Ernest Borgnine)

California Kid $18 (THE 1974 classic starring Martin Sheen)

Cannonball $20(- this is NOT the same movie as Cannonball Run! This one is 1976 and stars David Carradine)

Catch Me If You Can $18 (1989 The local highschool is threatened to be closed, unless they collect $200,000. So they dig up a car from the football field to race! Features a nice '57 Chevy. Filmed in St Cloud MN)

The Choppers $12 (1961 classic about a bunch of hoodlums that go around and cutting up cars that are found on the side of the road. GREAT Juvenile Delinquent movie)

Christine $18 (1983 classic movie about a 58 Plymouth Fury that can repair itself - based on the Stephen King story)

Chrome and Hot Leather $20 (this DVD contains 2 movies - other movie is Mini Skirt Mob)

Classic Auto Racing $12 (collection of color and black and white never seen before 8mm and 16mm films from 1950 to 1972 of NASCAR stock car racing, NHRA drag racing, USRRC and other racing. Daytona Beach FL 1950: Before there was a track there was a beach! Check out this 16mm footage taken on the beach at Daytona featuring Hudsons, Lincolns, Mercurys and many more, as they battle it out on the sand! Langhorne Speedway PA 1959: This classic race from Langhorne features Nelson Stacey and Mike Klapak and lots of great 50's stock cars on this oval dirt track from 6/14/59. Indy 500 1962: This classic race won by Rodger Ward features some great footage from the stands directly across from the pits. 1960's Circle Track Racing: This film features some great old 30s and 40s coupes racing on an oval dirt track. Demolition Derby 1963: This exciting footage contains lots of classic cars being destroyed as each car tries to avoid being hit! 1960's Drag Racing: This film features a "run what ya brung day" at the drags with Vettes, hot rods, early muscle cars, motorcycles and tons of other 50's and 60's cars draggin' it out! Watkins Glen NY 1966 USRRC: This rare footage features George Wintersteen's Grand Sport Corvette along with Shelbys, Jaguars, Sprites, home built racers and hundreds of open wheeled racers. Irwindale Speedway CA, 1968: Featured in this film is great drag racing footage of the famous "Little Red Wagon" along with gassers, bikes, funny cars and dragsters. Mason-Dixon 500 Dover Downs, DE 1972: This film features Richard Petty and Bobby Allison in this famous Nascar race from 6/4/72. Great footage of Petty signing autographs and lots of pit stop footage.

Classic Car Clips $18 (2 Hours of the best scenes from all your favorite Hot Rod movies - scenes from Hot Car Girl, Bobbie Jo & Outlaw, Dragstrip Girl, CA Kid, Hot Rod Rebel on the Road, '59 Detroit National Drags, Speed Crazy, Roadracers, Hot Rod Gang and more)

Classic Car Clips Vol. 2 $18(2 MORE Hours of the best scenes from all your favorite Hot Rod movies - scenes from Moonrunners, Dragstrip Riot, King of the Mountain, The Choppers, Fireball 500, Hot Rod Girl, American Nitro, The Wild Ride, and more)

Classic Car CLips Vol. 3 $18 (another 2 hours of best scenes - this time the crashes, chases, and races are from - Stingray the Movie, Funny Car Summer, Eat My Dust, Grand Theft Auto, 43 The Petty Story, Thunder & Lightning, The Car, Thunder Road, and more)

Classic Car Commercials $15(also has Classic Beer Commercials too! Total running time 2 hours some of the commercials included are: '61 Mercury Meteor, Chevy Task Force Trucks, '61 Comet, '64 Chevelle, '65 Impala, '60 Oldsmobile, '55 Buick, Dodge Texan, '57 Chevy Trucks, '59 Chevy, '61 Lark Studebaker, '54 Ford, '63 Tempest, '63 Pontiac, '57 Plymouth, '61 Corvair, '52 De Soto, '56 Thunderbird & Sunliner and more)

Classic Car Promos (over 90 minutes of promotional film clips that would be shown on TV and sent to dealerships from back in the 50's and 60's - some of the highlights are '55 GM Autorama, '52 De Soto, '58 Edsel, '54 Lincoln, '63 Chevrolet, '56 Dodge, '57 Thunderbird, '60 Ford, '55 Chevy, '56 Chevy, '61 Studebaker, '58 Lincoln, Chrysler 300, '68 GTO, '59 Dodge, '50 Mercury, '63 Corvette, '60 Impala, '53 Chevy '56 Chrysler Newport, '62 Chevy Trucks, '62 Impala, '54 Mercury, '69 Camaro and many others)

Corky $18 (Robert Blake is the self absorbed anti hero in this 1972 film that featured a '69 Cuda with a a Superbird wing!)

Corvette Summer $20 (Mark Hamill and Annie Potts in the 70's classic)

Corvette - The History Archives $18 (100 minutes of rare Corvette Footage - 1953 - HALL OF WONDERS-guest Dave Garroway & the 1953 Corvette 10 min. 1953-1958 GENERAL MOTORS FILE FILM features Corvettes 195358, 1957- THE BIG CHALLENGE 1957 Corvette at Sebring- color 30 min. 1963 - BIOGRAPHY OF A SPORTS CAR 1963 Corvette- color 25 min. 1981 CORVETTE- promo- color 5 min. 1982 CORVETTE- promo- color 10 min. 1984 CORVETTE- promo- color 30 min. 1986 CORVETTE- promo- color

Crash and Crunch $15(has Muscle Car Special at the end as well-Total Running Time is over 2 Hours)

Cycle Savages $18 (1969 Biker movie starring Bruce Dern - The leader of a biker gang takes exception to an artist sketching them, so he makes plans to crush the artist's hands.) Daddy O $15 (1958 B movie starring Dick Contino)

Decade of Thrills $18(best of drag racing from 1980 - 1989)

Decade of Thrills 2 $18 (more of the best of drag racing from 1980 - 1989)

Devil on Wheels $15 (one of the earliest hot rod movies -juvenile delinquent film dealing with poor driving, running from the police after an accident, and an incident in a morgue! from 1947)

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry $22 (classic 1974 movie featuring Peter Fonda driving like a madman in the Dodge Charger)

Drag Racer $18 (Mark Slade stars in this rare 1971 movie about average guys trying to get a home made dragster into the races!)

Dragstrip Riot $18 (1958 This is a typical teenage movie - but this one features the Corvette guys VS the Motorcycle guys)

Dragstrip Girl $18 (1957 One of the better of the old hot rod movies - Girl loves hot cars and a rich dragstrip racer. Her parents don't like either one. Features Tommy Ivo and Frank Gorshin and Yvonne Lime)

Duel $19(Dennis Weaver drives his red Valiant trying to get away from a Big Rig!)

The Dukes Vol. 1 $15(Put Up Your Dukes, Jungle Jitters, The Dukes In Venice, Morocco Bound, The Secret Satellite)

The Dukes Vol. 2 $15(The Dukes in London, The Greece Fleece, The Dukes in India, The Dukes in Urbekistan, A Hogg in Hong Kong)

The Dukes Vol. 3 $15(The Dukes of Scotland, The Dukes Do Paris, The Dukes In Switzerland, Boss Hogg & the Little People, Tales of The Vienna)

The Dukes Vol. 4 $15(The Kid from Madrio, A Dickens of a Christmas, The Canadian Caper, The Dukes in Hollywood, A Hogg in Foggy Bogg)

SPECIAL Buy All 4 Dukes DVDs for $45 for the set!

Easy Rider $20

Eat My Dust $20

Evel Knievel Last of the Gladiators (outstanding documentary hosted by Evel!) $18

Fastest Street Car Shootout $15

Fast and the Furious $18 (starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone this is NOT the 2001 movie - this is part of a 3 movie set - you will also get The Big Wheel starring Mickey Rooney, and Hot Rod Girl starring Chuck Conners)

Fast Lane Fever $18 (this movie is also known as : Running On Empty 1982 Australia in the early 80's. It's about hot cars, hot chicks and hot times...)

Fast Company $20 (1979 Standard good guys vs. bad guys drag racing movie. Nice scene of the driver's view during a funny car run.)

Fear is the Key $18 (features Barry Newman in a Gran Torino - this is NOT a car movie - but is a really good espionage movie with a great car chase scene! From 1972)

Fireball 500 $20(this is a 2 movie set - comes with Thunder Alley as well!)

Fireball Jungle $15(wanna see a '68 Camaro get THRASHED thoughout the ENTIRE movie? This one is for you!)

Funny Car Summer $15 (1974 documentary chronicles a summer in the life of "Funny Car" racer Jim Dunn and his family. )

Fury On Wheels $15

Gene & Eddie LIVE $18(features 2 complete live performances by Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent)

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow $20 (this is a 2 movie DVD - also has THE GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI)

Gone in 60 Seconds (ORIGINAL) $24 (this is the Collectors Edition that features highlights from Junkman and the never completed Gone In 60 Seconds 2)

Grand Theft Auto $20

Greased Lightning $18

Heart Like A Wheel $20

Hell On Wheels $15(1967 starring Marty Robbins - THE ACTION IS GO!...when a HOT-HEAD meets a HEAVY-FOOT on a FAST TRACK...and the GIRLS LOVE IT! )

Hells Angels Forever $18 (classic unreleased documentary)

Hells Belles $20(this is 2 movies on 1 DVD - the other movie is Wild Angels)

Hollywood Knights $20 - (1980-Led by their comedic and pranking leader, Newbomb Turk, the Hollywood Knights car gang raise hell throughout Beverly Hills on Halloween Night... Starring Tony Danza)

Hot Rod - Rebel on the Road $18 (this is the classic 1979 movie starring Gregg Henry - features the primer Willys)

Hot Rod Gang $18 (1958 Really good movie if you like seeing classic hot rods - Kid who wants to enter his car in the drag races joins a rock band to make enough money to do it. Features GENE VINCENT!)

Hot Rods to Hell $18 (1967 - Yes - I know - Everyone thinks this movie was made in the late 50's or early 60' wasnt. The car that people remember - a '58 Corvette may be the reason for this time confusion. Tom Phillips (Dana Andrews), his wife Peg (Jeanne Crain) their teenage daughter Tina (Laurie Mock) and little boy Jamie (Tim Stafford) drive through the California desert heading for a new life running a motel. Things go haywire when teenage bad girl Gloria (Mimsy Farmer) and her two delinquent boyfriends, Duke and Ernie (Paul Bertoya and Gene Kirkwood), chase them, with Duke attempting to seduce the daughter, finally driving dad to take action.

Hot Rod Girl- $18(this is part of a 3 movie set - you will also get The Big Wheel starring Mickey Rooney, and Fast and the Furious (starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone this is NOT the 2001 movie )

Hot Car Girl $18(1958 - Sweet innocent Peg (June Kenney) becomes involved with small time hood Duke (Richard Bakalyan) and his cronies who spend their evenings stripping cars and selling the parts to a local fence. After a motorcycle cop gets killed in an accident caused by the teenage pair, the police start an all out search for the Juvenile Delinquents. Murder and mayhem result.)

Hot Rod Heaven $15(This fascinating programme traces the evolution of the hot rod - from its post-war explosion in California, through the days of illegal street-racing, to the international spectator sport of drag racing. interviews with Alex Xydias, Pete Chapouris, Tony Thacker, Jimmy Shine, and Andy & Roy Brizio. UK Documentary 90 Minutes)

Hot Rod - Ingenuity In Action $15(this DVD features the 1957 Detroit Nationals - Lots of vintage Drag racing + some great educational films on how to be a better Hot Rodder!)

Hot Rod Rumble $18 (1957 Arny (Richard Hartunian) joins a hot rod club, but his eccentric mannerisms make him unpopular. He gets framed but will he be able to clear his name? Only if he wins the big race!)

Hot Wheels Cartoons $13 (Episode titles are: Ardeth The Demon, Tough Cop, The Winner, Hot Head - Also on this disc is the Cartoon Sky Hawks - this was originally aired with the Hot Wheels cartoons - Sky Hawks episodes: Untamed Wildcats, Trouble Times Three, Radioactive Lake, Dog Fight, The Snooper, The Message)

Hot Wheels COmmercials $13(Vintage Commercials from 1968-1983 + a few other "newer" Hot Wheels commercials - Running Time 1 Hour)

How To Stuff A Wild Bikini $20 (Frankie and Annetee double Feature! You also get Beach Blanket Bingo! Double sided 2 movie set from '64-'65)

Heart Like A Wheel $20 (1983 Shirley Muldowney is determined to be a top-fuel drag racer, although no woman has ever raced them before. Despite the high risks of this kind of racing and the burden it places on her family life, she perseveres in her dream.)

JUNKMAN - $20 (1982 - H.B. Halicki, who thrilled many with some of the most exciting car chases in GONE IN 60 SECONDS, had this follow-up a few years later called THE JUNKMAN. It's more amusing and hilarious than the previous film, this time expect more and the same with the almost nonstop action)

King of the Mountain $18(1981 - starring Harry Hamlin - he drives a Porsche 356 Speedster....Dennis Hopper drives a '67 Corvette - check out the great Hopper line - TIME IS SPEED!!! SPEED IS TIME!!!!!)

Le Mans - $20 (1971 Classic starring Steve McQueen One of the most realistic movies ever! If you liked the car chase in Bullit, you'll want to see this movie! It really gets you to feel the '71 Le Mans atmosphere. If this movie was to be re-done today, it couldn't be done any better.)

Le Mans 1969 $12 (La Ronde Infernale - amazing documentary on the 1969 Le Mans race - ALSO included are vintage racing highlights from 1961 and 1967 - check out the Chapperall!!!)

Lively Set $15 (1964 starring James Darren - features some great T Bucket sequences and 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car)

Mini Skirt Mob $20(2 movies on 1 DVD - the other movie is Chrome and Hot Leather)

Moon Runners $18 (the ORIGINAL Dukes of Hazzard Movie!)

Muscle Cars - The British Documentary $15 (features overall history of the muscle car scene as well as highlights from 2005 Muscle Car Nationals, Silver State 100, & the Woodward Ave. cruise)

Nostalgia Drags - Blast from the Past 2 WITH GM Nationals Pro Street Shootout $15 (over 2 hours of highlights from the 90s)

Rebel Without A Cause $24 (2 disc set that has been digitally remastered - features the original theatrical trailer, new documentary, vintage documentary, and promo TV clip that featured James Dean saying - "The life you save may be mine." )

Reform School Girl $15 (1957 Caged boy-hungry wildcats gone mad!)

Return To Macon County $18 (1975 Starring Nick Nolte & Don Johnson In 1958, two teenagers take their pride and joy, a hopped-up Chevy, and start a cross-country journey to enter it in the National Championship drag races in California. Along the way they hook up with a pretty waitress who quits her job and hops in their car--and turns out to be more trouble than they thought! Features a nice '57 Chevy!)

Road Racers $18 (1959 - great movie featuring Scarabs and Corvettes)

Route 66 - Each Volume contains 2 episodes and some contain original commercials - like Martin Milner selling Marlboro Cigarettes! Please note the quality on these episodes vary from episode to episode. We are at the mercy of the old 16mm prints that we find and transfer

Route 66 Vol. 1 $15 (Black November -THIS IS THE 1st Episode!!! from 1960 & Lance of Straw - 2nd Episode)

Route 66 Vol. 2 $15 (The Man on the Monkey Board - Season 1 Episode 4 & The Swan Bed Season 1 Episode 3)

Route 66 Vol. 3 $15 (Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing (1962 Episode #68 or Season 3 Episode 6 - guest stars include Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney Jr AND You Never Had It So Good - 1962 Season 2, Episode 20 Guest Starring Peter Graves)

Running on Empty - see Fast Lane Fever

Santa Ana Drags (this is about 85 minutes of vintage clips from the late 50's - has narration from the original emcee at the Drag Races!)

Speed Crazy $15(1959 starring Yvonne Lime - quality on this is not the best due to faded 16 mm transfer)

Speed Merchants $15 (Excellent vintage documentary on 1972 Sports Car racing. From 24hrs of Le Mans to 24hrs at Daytona. Told by drivers Mario Andretti and Vic Elford)

Stingray TV Show Vol. 1-5 Special - get all 5 DVDs for $55 - each DVD is 4 HOURS long!

Stingray Movie $18(1978 feature that has a Chevelle chasing a '64 red convertible throughout the entire movie)

Thunder Alley $22(this is 2 movies on 1 DVD - the other movie is Fireball 500)

Thunder & Lightning $20 (1977 Kate Jackson and David Carradine - A young man who hauls liquor for moonshiners comes up against a competing gang of moonshiners who intend to get rid of him and take over his operation. Features a nice '57 Chevy)

Thunder in Carolina $18(1960 features some great vintage NASCAR and RORY CALHOUN!)

Thunder Road $20(Robert Mitchum classic)

Trans Am 1970 $15 (more vintage racing - footage from Laguna Seca, Lime Rock, Mid Ohio, and many more!)

Vanishing Point $20 (1971 ORIGINAL starring Barry Newman as Kowalski driving the 1970 Challenger!)

Vanishing Point $20 (1997 Remake starring Viggo Mortensen driving same car but check out the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T in this one!)

White Lightning $20 (Burt Reynolds classic)

White Line Fever $18

Wild Angels $20(this is 2 movies on 1 DVD - the other movie is Hells Belles)

Wild One $20 (Marlon Brando classic)

Wild Ride $15 (1960 Jack Nicholson in his EARLY years)

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Many people have asked what the best car movies are....well.......I am not one to put MY opinion on other people so I will let you look at what Hot Rod magazine has to say about this!

The following was taken from Hot Rod magazine - not sure of the issue - but you can get an idea of what THEY say are the best movies. Please note that I can TRY to get all the movies listed, but I may not have access to all of them.

1> American Graffiti (1973)

Director: George Lucas

Stars: '32 Ford five-window, '55 Chevy, '58 Chevy

People: Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Charles Martin Smith, Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams, Mackenzie Phillips, Candy Clark, and Paul LeMat

Why: The obvious choice. Despite all those Star Wars movies, American Graffiti is director George Lucas' best film. Four friends in central California face the future dusk-to-dawn one summer night in 1962; cruising, hanging out, wreaking havoc, and ultimately street racing. In 200 years people will still watch this movie to know what it meant to grow up in an America obsessed with hot rods. And they'll still want to drive Milner's '32 and Falfa's '55.

Look For: You know Milner is in trouble when he opens his car's headers.

Trivia: The license number on Milner's car is "THX 138" referring to Lucas' first film, THX 1138

2> Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

Director: Monte Hellman

Stars: '55 Chevy, '70 GTO

People: James Taylor, Dennis Wilson, Warren Oates

Why: There's a plot in here somewhere, but no one cares. Two itinerant street racers without names (Taylor and Wilson are "The Driver" and "The Mechanic") wander across America until they encounter an older guy in a GTO (Oates) who can't shut up. They stop and street race. Then they stop and drag race. Then there's an impromptu race with a Dodge Charger. It all boils down to attitude--and you either like that or just leave the TV tuned to Lifetime. And their '55 Chevy is solid-axle wicked; a car built when '55s were bad-asses instead of antiseptic nostalgia rods.

Look For: The only movie ever in which a character stops to buy a rebuild kit for a '70 Quadrajet.

Trivia: Richard Ruth, who built the '55, is the guy in the Glendale Speed Center T-shirt at the first gas station they stop at. And yeah, painted black, the '55 was Falfa's car in American Graffiti.

3> Vanishing Point (1971)

Director: Richard C. Sarafian

Star: '70 Challenger R/T

People: Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Dean Jagger

Why: For no apparent reason, Kowalski (no first name) needs to get from Denver to San Francisco in less than 15 hours and has only a white Challenger and a fistful of amphetamines with which to do it. The cops try and stop him, and a lot of excellent high-speed stunt driving ensues. All the '70s counter-culture/existential stuff is bizarre, but the music is still solid. This is the ultimate Mopar movie.

Trivia: Driving the Challenger most of the time was legendary stuntman Carey Loftin.

4> Bullitt (1968)

Director: Peter Yates

Stars: '68 Mustang GT 390, '68 Charger

People: Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset

Why: The chase in Bullitt--the definitive movie car chase--has been obsessed over for nearly 40 years and it still holds up. Sure, too many hubcaps come off the Charger and McQueen upshifts the Mustang so often he'd be in 16th gear by the end of the sequence, but it's groundbreaking film making and worth watching once a month. The movie also has Bisset in her jaw-dropping prime and McQueen at his coolest.

Trivia: While McQueen did much of his own driving, it was Carey Loftin who piloted the Mustang during the hairiest stuff.

5> The Gumball Rally (1976)

Director: Charles Bail

Stars: '65 Shelby Cobra 427, '70 Camaro, '71 Ferrari Daytona Spyder

People: Michael Sarrazin, Raul Julia, Gary Busey

Why: This is the first genuinely funny car movie. The driving isn't the best (it's good), but the script has wit, there are great cars in every scene, and the viewer winds up wanting to go and organize his own illegal cross-country road race. Or at least drive through the L.A. River in a Cobra. Raul Julia is great as Franco Bertollini, who rips the Daytona's rearview mirror off and explains, "[That's] the first rule of Italian driving . . . What's behind me is not important."

Trivia: Released in August 1976, Gumball hit theaters a couple weeks after Cannonball (number 18 on this list) making it the second film inspired by Brock Yates' Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash. That event first ran in May 1971

6> Thunder Road (1958)

Director: Arthur Ripley

Stars: '50 Ford, '57 Chevy, '57 Ford

People: Robert Mitchum, Gene Barry

Why: Of all the tales of moonshine running, Thunder Road remains the best, first because it has tough-guy Robert Mitchum in the lead, second because seeing a '50 Ford driven hard is always fascinating, and third because the action is so good you almost forget the movie is in black and white. Plus the cops have a '57 Chevy that grabs onto suspect vehicles' bumpers. Filmed on location around Asheville, North Carolina, Thunder Road may not be authentic, but it looks it.

Trivia: The 'shine cars in the film were supposedly bought from actual runners. And the primary stunt driver was Carey Loftin.

7> Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974)

Director: John Hough

Stars: '66 Impala, '69 Charger

People: Peter Fonda, Adam Roarke, Susan George, Vic Morrow

Why: When even the cops have hot cars (a hyped Polara with an "unlimited" top end), it's got to be great. There's a plot involving a kidnapping, but who cares? It's just an excuse for a chase between Sheriff Morrow and driver Fonda with his pal, mechanic Roarke, whining that he's "over-driving" the car. The Charger's smashing fate is well-known, but some of the best action takes place with a '66 Impala. And the incredible low-altitude work of helicopter stunt pilot James Gavin is some of the best ever.

Trivia: The Charger swaps between being a '68 and a '69 several times over the course of the climactic chase. Go figure.

8> Smokey and The Bandit (1977)

Director: Hal Needham

Stars: '77 Trans Am

People: Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason

Why: For a certain generation, this is the definitive car movie. Reynolds is at his peak, Fields looks as good as she ever would, and Jackie Gleason is funny as Sheriff Buford T. Justice. The plot? To go to Texarkana, Texas, pick up a load of Coors and return it to Atlanta, which was illegal back in 1977. The black Trans Am is iconic by now, and it lays out a coat of rubber every time it launches or turns.

Trivia: Smokey and the Bandit was the second-highest grossing film of 1977--behind Star Wars

9> The Blues Brothers (1980)

Director: John Landis

Star: '74 Monaco Police Package

People: John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd

Why: Fresh out of prison, Joliet Jake Blues (Belushi) teams with his brother Elwood (Aykroyd) to put their band back together for a concert to save their childhood home. That inspires massive amounts of automotive mayhem, decent comedy, and good musical numbers. The highlight of the driving isn't any of the extravagant pileups of cop cars, but one shot of the Bluesmobile Monaco steaming down Chicago's Lower Wacker Drive at well over a hundred. That shot only lasts a moment, but it's likely the last time any movie company will talk a city into allowing such sheer velocity on a public street.

Trivia: Despite decades of failed redevelopment efforts, the abandoned Dixie Square Mall through which the Blues are chased is still rotting away in Harvey, Illinois.

10> Hollywood Knights (1980) Director: Floyd Mutrux

Stars: '57 Chevy, '66 Cobra 427, and numerous street rods

People: Robert Wuhl, Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer

Why: This is a rip-off of American Graffiti--down to the one-night-with-teenagers-on-the-verge-of-growing-up plot. But it's crammed with more great-looking hot rods than virtually any other movie, and more street racing. This was also Pfeiffer's first theatrical film and she never looked better. The humor here is crude and shallow, but a lot of us are crude and shallow.

Trivia: That's Popular Hot Rodding's "Project X" '57 starring as Danza's ride. It becomes obvious it's a PHR project car when smoke starts pouring out of it during the street race with the Cobra.

11> Mad Max (1979) Director: George Miller

Stars: '73 Ford Falcon Coupe

People: Mel Gibson

Why: This Australian movie made on a microscopic budget packed in more anarchic car action than most big-budget movies could ever muster. It made Mel Gibson a star and had the world craving Roots blowers that could be turned on and off. It's still a blast even though half the dialogue is incomprehensibly Aussie.

12> The Road Warrior (1981) Director: George Miller

Star: '73 Ford Falcon Coupe

People: Mel Gibson

Why: The sequel to Mad Max is better than the original. So intense is the post-apocalyptic action it's shocking that any Australian stunt men lived through the filming.

13> Le Mans (1971)

Director: Lee H. Katzin

Stars: Porsche 917, Ferrari 512S

People: Steve McQueen

Why: McQueen always wanted to make a movie about racing--this one is it and there's barely any of the soap opera that infects most racing films. This re-creation of the 24 Hours of Le Mans remains the standard against which all other racing movies are judged. But don't expect this to hold your interest if you're not committed.

14> Gone In 60 Seconds (1974)

Director: H.B. Halicki

Star: '73 Ford Mustang Mach 1

People: H.B. Halicki

Why: Halicki owned a wrecking yard in L.A.'s South Bay and decided he wanted to be in the movie business. The result is a micro-budget movie whose story makes no sense and acting that makes any 2x4 look like Sir Laurence Olivier. The movie also looks hideous. But the car chase goes on for something like 40 minutes with nearly 100 cars wrecked. And it's still better than the big-bucks remake released in 2000.

15> Corvette Summer (1978)

Director: Matthew Robbins

Star: '73 Ford Falcon Coupe

People: Mark Hamill, Annie Potts

Why: Sweet natured at its core, this story of a teenager's obsession with a Corvette has aged well, even if said Corvette remains as ugly as septic sludge.

16> More American Graffiti (1979)

Director: Bill L. Norton

Stars: '32 Ford, fleets of vintage drag machines

People: Ron Howard, Paul LeMat

Why: It's not half the movie the original was, but this sequel still has enough emotional pull to make it compelling. The racing is OK, though there should have been some street action in here someplace.

17> Funny Car Summer (1974)

Director: Ron Phillips

Star: Jim Dunn's rear-engine '73 'Cuda Funny Car

People: Jim Dunn and family

Why: This list's only documentary follows fireman Jim Dunn through the '73 season as he sustains himself through a year of campaigning his radical (and ultimately unsuccessful) flopper. This isn't a slick production, and the '70s-style editing is goofy, but this movie is an honest look at what it meant to be a racer back when the sport still had room for amateurs.

18> Cannonball (1976)

Director: Paul Bartel

Stars: '69 Mustang, '70 Trans Am, '71 Pantera, '68 Charger

People: David Carradine, Veronica Hamel

Why: When it comes to giddy vehicular destruction, this is the most giddily destructive of them all. It's almost too gory for its own good with a bloodlust that dampens the good humor. But if you're in the mood for over-the-top, this, the first of the Cannonball cross-country movies to hit theaters, is the one to watch.

19> White Lightning (1973)

Director: Joseph Sargent

Star: '71 Ford LTD

People: Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty

Why: Reynolds as Gator McKlusky is the prototype for Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit a few years later. Here he's an ex-moonshiner hooked up with the feds to break up a criminal moonshine business. Gator, the '76 sequel, is basically the same movie and they both feature solid action. There's something mean about a bench-seat Ford sedan with a 429 and a T-handle-shifted four-speed.

20> Death Race 2000 (1975)

Director: Paul Bartel

Stars: Scads of kit cars

People: David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone

Why: In the far-off future of the year 2000, cartoon cars race across America scoring bonus points for knocking off pedestrians. It's not subtle, it's not lavishly produced, but it's still sorta funny.

21> Eat My Dust! (1976)

Director: Charles B. Griffith

Star: '68 Camaro

People: Ron Howard, Christopher Norris

Why: The plot is nonsense about a nutty youngster stealing a race car and leading the cops on a chase--hardly original, but it's fun and pretty well satisfied with itself. And when it turned into a hit, Ron Howard demanded he be allowed to head up the virtual sequel, 1977's Grand Theft Auto, starting his Oscar-winning directing career.

22> The Lively Set (1964)

Director: Jack Arnold

Stars: Chrysler Turbine, Top Fuelers, streamliners

People: James Darren, Pamela Tiffin, Doug McClure

Why: This loose remake of 1954's Johnny Dark has street rods, drag racing, land speed record runs in a streamliner at Bonneville, and a cross-country road race that features Chrysler's experimental turbine car. It's a car-geek love fest wrapped around a silly plot that, thankfully, doesn't get in the way of the wrench candy.

23> The French Connection (1971)

Director: William Friedkin

Star: '71 Pontiac LeMans

People: Gene Hackman, Roy Schieder

Why: This layered police drama is the only movie on the list to have won an Oscar as Best Picture, and it deserved it for many reasons. Not the least of those reasons was the classic chase between Hackman in a commandeered LeMans and a train running on elevated tracks above them. It brought a higher sense of realism to car chases than ever seen before and made Hackman a star.

24> To Live And Die In L.A. (1985)

Director: William Friedkin

Star: Early '80s Impala sedan

People: William L. Petersen, Willem Dafoe

Why: Fourteen years after The French Connection, Friedkin topped himself with the chase in this film. Amid a story about Secret Service agents gone wacko, Agent Petersen drives like a madman, dodging trains and bullets and driving the wrong way on a freeway while his partner--reasonably--cowers in the back seat.

Trivia: Look closely. The traffic on that freeway is flowing the wrong direction; they're all driving on their left. So Petersen is going the right way and everyone else is wrong.

25> Viva Las Vegas (1964)

Director: George Sidney

Stars: Cobras, Corvettes, and more

People: Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret

Why: Elvis made a lot of car movies, but this is the best. Elvis enters the Las Vegas Grand Prix, then needs money, then blah, blah, blah. What matters is that Ann-Margret was 22 or 23 when this was made and so sexy she could crack granite with one sideways glance. The racing sequences are absurd but cool, with Ann-Margret watching the mayhem from her helicopter and just shrugging off every obviously fatal accident to root Elvis on to victory. And, yeah, the music is pretty good. Ann-Margret blows Elvis away in the talent contest too.

26> Ronin (1998)

Director: John Frankenheimer

Stars: BMW M5, Mercedes 6.9, Audi S8

People: Robert DeNiro, Jean Reno

Why: The cars are European, but at least they're the hot-rod versions that these modern-day mercenaries drive through three great chases. Unfortunately DeNiro never looks comfortable driving. But at least one character knows the details on his Audi's nitrous system.

27> Against All Odds (1984)

Director: Taylor Hackford

Stars: Porsche 911, Ferrari 308 GTSi

People: Jeff Bridges, James Woods, Rachel Ward

Why: The moody murder mystery is decent, but the car chase and Rachel Ward are spectacular. The chase is pure ego and involves that Porsche and Ferrari running along L.A.'s crowded Sunset Boulevard at ludicrous speeds and ends with both cars intact (that's almost unique). Stunt-driver Carey Loftin was 70 years old when he piloted the Ferrari through this chase.

28> Christine (1983)

Director: John Carpenter

Stars: '58 Fury, '68 Charger, '67 Camaro

People: Keith Gordon, John Stockwell

Why: Stephen King's classic tale of adolescent automotive obsession and pure evil embodied in a '58 Plymouth is well paced, fun, macabre, and brutal. And we all want a car that fixes itself.

29> Cobra (1986)

Director: George P. Cosmatos

Star: '50 Mercury

People: Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte Neilsen

Why: It's one of the dumbest cop movies ever made with Stallone spewing cheesy dialog like, "You're the disease and I'm the cure." But he drives a nasty '50 Merc that pounds through a harrowing chase scene with pure menace. Watch for the moment when the Merc's speedo shows the car is going 80 mph and the tach shows the engine churning at 8,400 rpm. It's only then that he hits the nitrous.

30> Hot Rod (1950)

Director: Lewis D. Collins

Star: '32 Ford

People: Jimmy Lydon, Gil Stratton

Why: One of the first movies to take on street racing, even if it was awkward and silly. But the cars are wicked in the way only genuine early rods can be, and at one point the Stratton character reads an issue of HOT ROD. Plus the title is perfect.

31> Hot Rod Girl (1956)

Director: Leslie H. Martinson

Stars: Various rods, '56 Thunderbird

People: Lori Nelson, Frank Gorshin, Chuck Connors

Why: The story is a dopey diatribe against street racing, but the glimpses of early drag racing are worth the pain.

32> The Cannonball Run (1981)

Director: Hal Needham

Stars: Dodge van, Ferrari 308 GTS, Lamborghini Countach

People: Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Dom Deluise

Why: Brock Yates, who started the whole Cannonball race thing, wrote this alleged comedy where Reynolds and pals scream cross-continent against a bunch of other somewhat wacky competitors. For a movie about an illegal road race, there's remarkably little illegal road racing.

33> The Driver (1978)

Director: Walter Hill

Stars: Chevy pickup, '76 Trans Am

People: Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adjani

Why: The lead character's name is simply "The Driver," the cop chasing him is "The Detective," and the love interest is "The Player." A freelance wheelman for crooks, O'Neal does some amazing things to a Mercedes sedan and ultimately faces down a Trans Am while driving a hot-rod pickup. It's low key but good.

34> Used Cars (1980)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Stars: '57 Chevy, junk

People: Kurt Russell, Jack Warden, Deborah Harmon

Why: One of the most cynical comedies ever, it's about two brothers (both played by Warden) with used-car lots opposite one another where a freeway off-ramp will go in. Russell is a salesman trying to buy his way into politics. Wanton destruction includes a '57 Chevy driven with lunacy to induce a heart attack. Director Zemeckis would go on to make the Back to the Future movies and Forrest Gump, but we think this is his funniest film.

35> Gone In Sixty Seconds (2000)

Director: Dominic Sena

Star: '67 Mustang

People: Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie

Why: The climactic chase is ruined--ruined--by lousy computer graphics during the big jump. But there are people who love this remake. How else to explain all the clones of Eleanor, the faked-up Shelby Mustang?

36> Hot Rods To Hell (1967)

Director: John Brahm/James Curtis Havens

Stars: '58 Corvette, '56 Chevy, '61 Belvedere

People: Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain

Why: A movie so bad it's actually entertaining. A family crosses the desert by ugly Plymouth only to be set upon by crazed rodders driving a motley assortment of machines. The dialogue is overwrought and goofy, the production looks consistently lousy, and Andrews overacts enough to fill six more movies.

37> Tucker: The Man And His Dream (1985)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Star: Tucker Torpedo

People: Jeff Bridges, Joan Allen, Martin Landau

Why: A beautifully crafted homage to Preston Tucker who determinedly pursued building the "car of the future" despite almost a complete lack of resources in the late '40s. It's not about hot rodding, but it is about the obsession it takes to build a car.

38> Goldfinger (1964)

Director: Guy Hamilton

Star: Aston Martin DB5

People: Sean Connery

Why: The best James Bond movie and the only one where Q gets to go through all the modifications made to Bond's Aston. And Connery is at his droll, merciless top. This entry collects the award for all the great cars and car stunts in many other Bond movies as well.

39> The Italian Job (1969)

Director: Peter Collinson

Stars: Mini Coopers, Lamborghini Miura

People: Michael Cain, Noel Coward, Benny Hill

Why: This is the ultimate British car movie with Minis doing amazing stunts and all the blokes talking in indecipherable accents as they plan and execute a gold robbery in Turin. Could it be better? Yeah, they could have been driving Camaros. Skip the remake.

40> The Fast And The Furious (2001)

Director: Rob Cohen

Stars: '70 Charger, '01 Ford Lightning, and a whole bunch of really hideous, overly done import cars with huge graphics.

People: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel

Why: Exploiting the tuner-car fad that was enormously popular at the time, this film got so much about cars wrong, right down to calling nitrous oxide "noss." But it did get one thing very right: Ultimate tough guy Diesel (who starred in this lightweight flick after acting in the incredibly heavyweight Saving Private Ryan) is scared to death of the blown Charger in his garage that his dad left behind. That perfectly reflects a real world where the import guys are frightened silly of V-8s. But as expected, they crashed the Charger in the end, making us wince. Why do they always have to do that? Really, why?

Honorable Mentions:

Heart Like a Wheel (1983)--The Shirley Muldowney story is a great film with Bonnie Bedalia as Muldowney and Beau Bridges as Connie Kalitta.

The California Kid (1974)--A legendary TV movie featuring Martin Sheen and Pete Chapouris' definitive '34 Ford three-window rod.

The Last American Hero (1973)--A great racing movie based on the life of Junior Johnson and starring Jeff Bridges.

King of the Mountain (1981)--The battle to be the best racer on L.A.'s Mulholland Drive. Stars Harry Hamlin, but it's good anyhow.

Greased Lightning (1977)--Richard Pryor as Wendell Scott, the first African American in NASCAR.

Johnny Dark (1954)--An obsessive young man (Tony Curtis) wants to build a great car. Fantastic early '50s footage of California road racing with some scenes shot at the Packard proving grounds.

Grand Prix (1966)--John Frankenheimer's epic about the Formula One circuit spectacularly captured the speed of the era. Stars James Garner.

Moonrunners (1975)--The little-seen inspiration for The Dukes of Hazzard.

The Racers (1955)--Kirk Douglas as a Grand Prix driver? Why not?

To Please a Lady (1950)--Clark Gable and Barbara Stanwyck star in a strangely titled film stuffed full of dirt track and Indy action from the late '40s.

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